Hang Handpan Pantam Solo Music

SOL - Sound of Life Hang & Pantam Concert 

In my Solo Concerts I play a wide range of compositions which are always embedded in the unknown space of Improvisation and silence. The magnificence of this Instrument and ist magical Overtones inspires many and the versatility and individual expression of each player is unique and tells the Story of ones heart. 

I try to keep a nice balance between improvising and composing, between technical skills and melodic playing. it allows me to play with dynamic and depth of the sound to connect my whole being into the music and express deep emotions. 


Intimate Concerts

Heartbeat Sound Journey - an Invitation to feel your own heartbeat

A sacred sound environment to cultivate Heart presence.


A Heartbeat Sound Journey is a musical experience where you happen to be guided by sound on an internal journey into the heart.

Sacred Songs inspired by the presence of silence, Hang, Pantam Overtone singing, native american Flutes, Monochord and more instruments are evoking prayers dedicated to the Elements and the source of creation. Increasing awareness to essential aspects in our daily life is my motivation.

Listening to the echoes of Nada, the sound of silence, within our heart we try shift our awareness from the troubled mind into the peace and simplicity of the heart.