photo: Hanna Aiyana
photo: Hanna Aiyana






Amín Varkonyi is a multi-cultural musician, sound facilitator and Handpan teacher offering diverse settings of healing Songs, Mantras, original music and Handpan compositions. He was born into a family of artists, his father being a percussionist and music teacher. From an early age he was exposed to music and rhythm and soon found his own passion and heartfelt dedication for music. Through the teachings of his father Amín learned to play percussion and consequentially became an inspired and professional Handpan player.


On his simultaneous healing journey, he explored sound as one of the most powerful tools to be at peace. The healing nature of Amín’s music became undeniable and organically turned into his deep-rooted purpose. No matter if on stage as a musician, in class as a teacher or in a workshop as sound facilitator, Amín intuitively opens the space for people of all kinds to reconnect to their inner core. His gentle and life-affirming presence allows participants to both individually and collectively dive into deep experience of being.


“Music arises from stillness, weaves a translation of spirit and again dissolves into Stillness.” Amín





Yoga Barn, Bali, Indonesia

International Yoga Conference, Rishikesh, India

Mountain Yoga, St. Anton, Austria

Yoga Spring Bad Hofgastein, Austria

SOAMI Retreat Resort, Austria

Ritz Cartlon Hotel, Vienna

Buddha Hall, Corfu, Greece

Die Lichtung Seminarhaus, Austria

Ciranda, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Casa de la Musica, Quito, Ecuador

Ma Anandamayi Ashram Amritapuri, India

Rumbach Sebastien Synagoge, Budapest, Hungary

Planet Music, Vienna

Porgy & Bess, Vienna

Sargfabrik, Vienna

Club Reigen, Vienna

Club Ost, Vienna

Putumayo, Bogota, Colombia

El Studio, Costa Rica

House of Music, Moscow, Russia

National Symphonic Hall, Yekaterinburg, Russia

Hall of Music, St. Petersburg, Russia

Symphonic Hall, Rostov / Dom, Russia

Meditation Centre, Celaya, Mexico

New Spirit Center, Mexico City

Planet One, Tulum, Mexico

Shambhala, Oaxaca, Mexico

Papaya Playa, Puerto Escondido, Mexico





HUG Festival, Hungary

Pan Oz Festival, Melbourne, Australia

Handpan Workshop, Syndey, Australia

BOT ETNO Worldmusic Festival, Siberia Russia

Festival internacional de Danza y Musica Afro, Esmeraldas, Ecuador

Pachamama Festival, Switzerland

Pantam Summer School, Austria

Heartculture Festival, Austria

HONA Worldmusic Festival Naxos, Greece

Griasdi Worldmusic Festival, Austria

Everness Festival, Hungary

Summer of love Yoga Festival, Switzerland

Tree of Life Festival, Austria

Oskarmaus Festival Switzerland

Boom Festival, Portugal

S.U.N. Festival, Hungary

Psy Fi Festival, Netherlands

Ozora Festival, Hungary